New York Snow – January 2016


I look forward to a bit of snow for photography. There are opportunities to use a flash to freeze the falling flakes in the air and sometimes getting relatively empty streets at night when a traffic ban is in place. I have uploaded a gallery of 40 images shot from just after midnight on January 23, 2016 (Times Square), early afternoon the same day (Astor Place and Washington Square Park), late evening that night (Astor Place to Flatiron District) and then afternoon the following day (Central Park).


Calatrava WTC Transportation Hub


I’ve been very interested in photographing the World Trade Center site for several years and I have many images spread through my Flickrstream and also in a Flickr album.

A subset of the WTC photos is the Santiago Calatrava designed Transportation Hub. I first shot the transportation hub in October 2013, when the West Concourse opened to the public, and I’ve gone back from time to time during the past 2+ years.

I’m curious to see how it will look when completed, although I don’t think “completed” will be for several more years until 3 WTC and then 2 WTC are completed as they are located on either side of the oculus.

This part of the WTC redevelopment has been many years in the making at the cost of at least 4 billion dollars. There will be a shopping mall and connection between New Jersey Path and many New York subway lines at Cortlandt Street and Fulton Center.

Here are some of my transportation hub images from the last 27 months, in chronological order.