Videos – Jan to Mar 2022

Trinity Church Snow

East Village Night S&Q

Hotel 50 Bowery BTS

Canal Street Day S&Q

Canal Street Night S&Q

Hudson Yards Sunrise Time Lapse

Midtown Sunrise Time Lapse

Union Square Snow Hyper Lapse

Madison Square Park Snow Hyper Lapse

Cooper Square Slow Motion Snow

iPhone 13 Pro Max in camera time lapse (HD max resolution). Not recommended if good quality is required.

East Village Early Morning Slow Motion Snow (HD)

Washington Square Park Snow Insta360 Hyper Lapse (UHD)

Washington Square Park Vertical Tree Pan Slow Motion (HD)

East Village Slow Snow Pan (HD)

East Village Falling Snow Vertical Pan (HD)

Washington Square Park Falling Snow 360 Pan (HD)

Times Square S&Q Vertical Time Lapse (HD)

Billionaires’ Row Sunset Time Lapse (UHD)

Times Square Twilight Vertical Time Lapse (HD)

Billionaires’ Row Sunrise Time Lapse (UHD)

Times Square Sunrise Time Lapse (UHD)

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