Videos – Oct to Dec 2020

Madison Square Park Tower Time Lapse (UHD)

Columbus Circle Time Lapse (UHD)

One Vanderbilt Time Lapse (UHD)

Central Park Pond Time Lapse (UHD)

Midtown Twilight Time Lapse (UHD)

Union Square Time Lapse (UHD)

Central Park Shadow Time Lapse (UHD)

Central Park Sunset Time Lapse (UHD)

Central Park Autumn Time Lapse (UHD)

Central Park Sunrise Time Lapse (UHD)

East River Time Lapse (UHD)

Pier 26 Twilight Time Lapse (UHD)

Hudson Yards Twilight Time Lapse (UHD)

One Vanderbilt Twilight Time Lapse (UHD)

Snowy Third Avenue (UHD)

Roosevelt Island Tramway Time Lapse (UHD)

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