Saks Fifth Avenue Winter Palace


I made an early morning visit to Rockefeller Center to get some shots without the teeming masses. While there, I also took some shots of the Saks Fifth Avenue Winter Palace themed windows. Unfortunately the lights on the facade above the windows were not illuminated at 5:00 am, but the windows were all dressed up.

Christmas in Philadelphia


I haven’t done much holiday shooting in New York this year. New York doesn’t seem to go all out like other cities with grand holiday decorations. It’s also more crowded than usual this time of year in New York.

My friend Claire invited me to join her group for a day trip to Philadelphia to shoot the holiday displays and that got me back in the holiday spirit. Maybe it’s the newness to me, but it seems that Philadelphia has more holiday displays than New York. It also was much less crowded than New York from a photography perspective.

Here are some of the sights from my quick day trip to Philadelphia.